Storeteigen friends association

Please join us!

The friends of Storeteigen association is an active association that engages in high-spirited voluntary work.
Would you like to become involved in our work?
Contact chair Stig Lundblad-Sandbakk;
mobile number (+47) 917 22 857 /

Another association that brings life to Storeteigen is the rural women’s association Øystese bygdekvinnelag.
If you would like to join them, contact Astrid Lunestad;
mobile number (+47) 900 44 581 /

Follow Storeteigen on Facebook – where, among other things, we provide information about these associations’ activities.



Storeteigen 20, 5610 Øystese
Tlf: 410 08 596


Kontakt oss for inngang i museet
utanom oppsette arrangement


Adr: Storeteigen 20, Øystese
Tel: +47 410 08 596

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Contact us for entrance into the museum outside of scheduled events